Scarcity Gold by Bashir Makhoul – Sculpture

$ 48,000.00

Scarcity Gold (2023) by Bashir Makhoul
37 x 42 x 10 cm
Mixed media, fiber, and enamel paint
Edition of 4

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Scarcity Gold by Bashir Makhoul

Bashir Makhoul deliberately accentuates the visual and tactile pleasures found in rich and intricate surfaces that continually oscillate between the realms of figurative and abstract art, as well as between the personal and the political. This series, “Scarcity,” takes the form of reimagined sculptures, primarily showcasing partially conceptually abstracted depictions of houses. These houses are presented in an immersive, unfolding manner, completely covering the surfaces of the sculptures. Over the past decade, the image of the house has become a signature motif in Makhoul’s work. It condenses and intensifies the interplay between abstraction, repetition, and pattern, while also exploring themes of home, belonging,