Bride by Nabil Anani – Canvas Art Print

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Bride (2005) by Nabil Anani
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Size Centimeters Inches
Original Dimensions 100 x 90 cm 39.3 x 35.4 in
Large 83 x 75 cm 32.6 x 29.5 in
Medium 59 x 53 cm 23.2 x 20.8 in
Small 40 x 36 cm 15.7 x 14.1 in
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Bride by Nabil Anani

The Palestinian Bride by Nabil Anani

In this beautiful painting, Anani seamlessly intertwines the imagery of The Palestinian bride with the rich symbolism of the motherland. Inspired by the landscape of Palestinian villages and the resilient spirit of its peasantry, “The Palestinian Bride” stands as a powerful representation of national pride and cultural heritage.

Anani’s masterful use of color and form brings to life the metaphorical association of women with the landscape, portraying the bride as a nurturing and protective figure, embodying the qualities of the motherland itself. The landscape, depicted as an arch of vines, symbolizes the enduring strength and resilience of the Palestinian people, while the colors of the Palestinian flag woven into the bride’s dress serve as a powerful reminder of the ongoing struggle for freedom and justice.

The Palestinian Bride is a testament to the enduring bond between the Palestinian people and their homeland. Through Anani’s artistry, we experience the deep sense of connection and solidarity that defines Palestinian identity, making this artwork a timeless celebration of heritage, resilience, and hope.

Palestinian Woman Traditional Dress “Bride” by Nabil Anani is available in Small, Medium, Large and Original dimensions.Palestinian Woman Traditional Dress “Bride” by Nabil Anani is available in Small, Medium, Large and Original dimensions. Palestinian Bride, Palestinian Art Prints, Zawyeh Gallery, Ramallah, Dubai, Shop Art Palestinian Art Prints, high quality prints are available in many options, worldwide shipping. Nabil Anani, Palestinian Embroidery Traditional Dress Trasitional Costume painting and canvas print

The Palestinian Bride by Nabil Anani

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