Road Trip by Saher Nassar – Uv Art Print

$ 4,500.00

Road Trip (2023) by Saher Nassar
75 x 135 cm
UV Print on Acrylic
Edition of 3

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Road Trip offers a multifaceted perspective. Positioned between sentiments of disdain and compassion. The works presents a group of soldiers embarking on a journey through relentless downpours depicted in a haunting shade of pinkish red, symbolically evoking the imagery of blood. 

One interpretation presents an intense portrayal of these soldiers as they plow forward, navigating through the chaos and the violence, resulting in acts of astonishing brutality. What is typically a leisurely road trip becomes a stark illustration of the sadistic tendencies that can emerge in an unscrupulous soldier. It offers a specific glimpse into the dark psyche of such individuals. 

Conversely, another reading, perhaps less emphasized but equally significant, paints a picture of empathy, contemplating how this group of soldiers must endure untold hardships during their journey. The relentless rain mirrors the relentless challenges they face, prompting us to consider the toll that warfare takes them.