Parody by Saher Nassar – UV Art Print

$ 6,500.00

Parody (2023) by Saher Nassar
80 x 120 cm
Embroidery & UV Print on Acrylic
Unique Edition

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  • Ships framed inside a wooden crate

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Soldier badges hold a profound significance, symbolizing honor, valor, and a deep sense of dedication. These badges are worn with immense pride and commitment, signifying the sacrifices and contributions made by those who serve their country. 

In contrast, the artwork in question adopts a satirical and playful perspective. It presents a collection of parodic badge designs, infused with humor and satire, skillfully juxtaposed with the presumed real life challenges faced by soldiers. This artistic approach is intended to serve as a lighthearted commentary, offering a humorous take on the solemnity associated with genuine military insignia, and it highlights unconventional and amusing “achievements” that one might not typically associate with military service. 

Crucially, this cartoonish and satirical approach should not be misconstrued as an attempt to belittle or show disrespect towards the remarkable accomplishments of military personnel. It does not aim to devalue the service itself. Instead, it provides a unique and authentic representation of an ordinary individual in the service. 

In essence, this artwork serves as a celebration of the complexity of military life, encapsulating both the seriousness of duty and the lighter moments that punctuate the lives of those who serve.