Target No.3 by Saher Nassar – UV Art Print

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Target No.3 (2023) by Saher Nassar
100 x 70 cm
UV Print on Acrylic
Edition of 3

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Target No.3 by Saher Nassar

“I found myself thrust into the headlines when a startling and unsettling news report surfaced, recounting an incident involving a group of soldiers firing shots at targets in one of the in a street full of people minding their own business. The story left me deeply contemplative, delving into the profound misery experienced by those innocent civilians that day.” 

This experience inspired a series of portraits, each capturing the ordinary faces of individuals going about their daily lives. Among them, a schoolboy innocently navigating his way through the streets, a man with groceries in tow, headed back to his family, and a woman engrossed in her own affairs. The true essence of this collection lies in the emotions etched on their faces expressions of fear, dread, and sheer horror. These tell the visceral story of what unfolded that fateful day. 

In a thought provoking twist, each portrait features a random scrap object from the street placed atop it, reminiscent of the classical image of an apple and arrow target. This juxtaposition adds layers of meaning to the collection, symbolizing the innocent lives caught in the crossfire and emphasizing the tragic randomness of the event.