Children of the Occupation No.3 by Saher Nassar – UV Art Print

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Children of the Occupation No.3 (2023) by Saher Nassar
85 x 130 cm
UV Print on Acrylic
Edition of 3

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The walls of a home serve as the delicate balance between safety and sanctuary, forming an impenetrable barrier that shields from the outside world’s intrusion and chaos. Any violation of this sacred space is an affront to the very essence of belonging. 

In this series of three artworks, the theme of intrusion takes center stage, vividly illustrating how a home can tragically transform into a battleground of invasion. The scars left by the occupiers’ boots bear silent witness to the true toll of conflict. 

Perhaps the most heart wrenching aspect is the depiction of soldiers unwittingly intruding upon the innocence of others. This unfolds as a profound tragedy, where the sanctity of homes is ruthlessly disrupted and violated, often exemplified by the sadistic acts of soldiers. 

This collection emerges from the artist’s deeply personal experience, where they bore witness to the dire circumstances of soldiers using homes in invasive ways, driven by their unjustifiable motives. These violations occurred not just in the living room but extended into the very heart of the home the kitchen and bedroom. The soldiers’ actions are presented in a disturbing light, characterized as sadistic, reckless, and even childlike. These depictions serve as metaphors for the extent of the assault, when words fail to encapsulate the magnitude of the intrusion, leaving the wellbeing and consideration of the home’s inhabitants entirely disregarded. 

In essence, this series of artworks serves as a powerful commentary on the devastating impact of war and conflict, not only on the physical spaces we call home but also on the emotional and psychological sanctuaries we hold dear.