The Land and I No.2 by Nabil Anani

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The Land and I No.2 by Nabil Anani
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Medium 52.5 x 50 cm 20.6 x 19.6 in
Small 35 x 33.3 cm 13.7 x 13.1 in
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Palestinian Landscape by Nabil Anani, The Land and I No.2

Nabil Anani presents the Palestinian landscape without disruptions, a perfectly manicured, well-tended landscape. He paints the picturesque hills of Palestine without the ever-increasing Israeli settlements, bypass roads, roadblocks, walls, and watch towers normally visible on every corner. He creates the Palestine of his dreams, inspired by his memories as a child growing up on the hills of Halhoul, a town near Hebron.

For example, Palestinian Landscape by Nabil Anani

Olive groves, cypress trees, and wheat fields dot the hills and horizon as if they become part of an embroidered dress. The can- vases are divided with horizontal lines and spaces inspired by the ancient terraces separating the fields, conveying a panoramic perspective and a rural ambiance. The trees carry different characters in each work, as if they are putting on different costumes for each show.

For example, Palestinian Landscape by Nabil Anani

Anani has addressed the Palestinian landscape and rural life throughout his artistic journey, and his fascination with them inspired his artworks. In this series of works, one can rarely spot a human, for the primary focus remains on the aesthetic of nature, giving the audience a chance to ponder and appreciate the scenic terrain.

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