Gaza by Aude Abou Nasr

$ 80.00

Posters for Gaza: Gaza (2023) by Aude Abou Nasr
42 x 30 cm
FineArt archival paper, 230 gsm

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Proceeds from the online poster sale will provide much-needed medical aid to affected children in Gaza, through The Palestine Red Crescent Society.


The project launched by Zawyeh Gallery, ‘Posters for Gaza’ aims to shed light on the ethnic cleansing and horrific massacres inflicted on the Gaza Strip demanding cease fire and the recognition of Palestinian rights to live freely on their land with dignity.

Representing a long tradition in Palestinian history, political posters were produced extensively in the seventies and the eighties by the Palestinian Liberation Organization with the contribution of Palestinian, Arab, and international artists. Posters played a crucial role then in supporting the justice of the Palestinian cause and promoting it globally, guided by freedom, dignity, resilience, and the ongoing aspiration for independence, sought by Palestinians.

Aude Abou Nasr is a French Lebanese illustrator and artist based in Marseille, France. She works with various independent platforms in the Middle East and Europe, illustrating voices that thrive to give a more relevant, accurate, and critical understanding of the changes operating in both the East and the West.

She also works with initiatives such as Queering the Map, grassroots NGOs, and initiatives including the Half of Syria campaign, Domestic Workers Unite and, Egna Legna in Lebanon. She is the co-founder of the 0602 Project. Aude has also collaborated with institutions such as the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, Warehouse421 in Abu Dhabi, and  Holma Photo in Malta. She works primarily in illustration including stories, series, comics, and animations.