Camel of Hardship by Sliman Mansour

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Camel of Hardship (1973) by Sliman Mansour
58 x 37.5 cm
Aqueous print on archival Canson rag paper, 240 g
Limited to 100 editions (+AP), hand-signed by the artist

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Camel of Hardship (Jamal Al Mahamel)
Sliman Mansour

Sliman Mansour‘s artwork titled Camel of Hardship, also known as ‘Jamal Al Mahamel,’ is an iconic and powerful symbol of the Palestinian struggle and Arab resistance art.

Painted in 1973, the painting portrays a traditionally dressed Palestinian elderly man, carriers in Jerusalem’s past. In a vast open space, he carries the city of Jerusalem upon his back, laden with symbolism and historical significance.

Symbolism of Palestinian Resilience and Struggle

Through this artwork, Mansour aims to evoke the burden and struggle of Palestinian history, reflecting a bleak future that has become more feared than longed within the Palestinian community.

The old man’s age represents the prolonged and seemingly unending struggle Palestinians face, as he appears weighed down by the weight of his history. Nevertheless, his clenched fists gripping the Palestinian flat rope demonstrate his determination.

Jerusalem, represented in the almond-shaped city on the man’s back, embodies the idea of the lost homeland carried by Palestinians, particularly after the annexation of Eastern Jerusalem following the 1967 War.

Iconic Artwork

The artwork rapidly symbolized the Palestinian struggle’s weight and gained widespread popularity among Palestinians and Arabs. Moreover, it moved beyond fine art and influenced popular culture, motivating modern artists to vent their frustrations about social and political challenges.

Drawing influence from Russian Socialist art and Mexican artist Diego Rivera, Mansour’s distinct style combines elements of social realism with deeply emotive symbolism.

Notably, Camel of Hardship, provided by the renowned Palestinian poet Emile Habibi, further emphasizes the themes of patience and perseverance inherent in the artwork. The camel, known for its ability to carry heavy loads in harsh conditions, hence becomes a potent metaphor for the enduring spirit of the Palestinian people.

In conclusion, Camel of Hardship is significant in Palestinian and Middle Eastern art history. Through this powerful artwork, Mansour captures the weight of Palestinian history and the resilience of people carrying hope amid countless hardships and challenges.

Sliman Mansour’s artwork, called Camel of Hardship is a strong symbol of the Palestinian struggle and Arab resistance. Moreover, the city of Jerusalem represents the idea of Palestinians carrying their lost homeland, especially after Eastern Jerusalem was taken in the 1967 War. Additionaly, This artwork quickly became a symbol of the Palestinian struggle. Also, it influenced other artists who wanted to express their feelings about social and political issues.

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Dimensions 60 × 41.5 cm