Trip to the Museum by Saher Nassar – UV Art Print

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Trip to the Museum (2023) by Saher Nassar
90 x 140 cm
UV Print on Acrylic
Edition of 3

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Trip to the Museum by Saher Nassar

In a rather absurd and provocative tableau at an art museum, one is confronted with a newborn baby lying at the center of the floor, surrounded by nudes. On the far side of this peculiar scene, there stands a telephone that appears strangely out of place. Adding to the surreal atmosphere is a drawing of a soldier, seemingly in some form of connection with the infant. 

The nudes themselves are presented as complex figures, embodying the roles of givers, creators, and nurturers. They exude an allure that is both seductive and enigmatic, and they carry within them the essence of life and mortality. 

This scene delves into the most primal of human desires, or in this case the soldier, weaving a narrative about origin and connection. It is a reflection on the intricate cycle of life, and an exploration of the concept of success and failure in the eyes of one’s creator, mimicked as a stone sculptures of greek goddesses, It embodies the quest for beauty, even when it seems unattainable.