Hadatha Ghadan: Cinema by Majdulin Nasrallah – Limited Edition Print

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Hadatha Ghadan: Cinema (2023) by Majdulin Nasrallah
29 x 41 cm
FineArt archival paper, 350 gsm
Limited to 50 editions (+AP), hand-signed by the artist

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Hadatha Ghadan: Cinema by Majdulin Nasrallah

Majdulin Nasrallah, with a background in interdisciplinary design and visual arts, delves into the interplay between the body and the constructed environment in her series “Hadatha Ghadan” (2020). Through digital collages, she critiques power dynamics within Palestine’s landscape by reimagining architectural symbols of conflict into utopian and surrealistic imagery. By transforming structures like the apartheid wall and checkpoints, Majdulin prompts viewers to contemplate the impact of urban architecture on human behavior amidst oppression. These artworks catalyze discourse on the role of built environments in perpetuating or challenging systems of control. Through her creative intervention, Majdulin invites us to envision alternative futures, fostering critical reflection on the relationship between spatial design, power structures, and societal dynamics in regions of conflict and apartheid.