Inner Sanctuary #39 by Rana Samara – Canvas Art Print

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Inner Sanctuary #39 by Rana Samara
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In her latest series, Inner Sanctuary, Rana Samara presents her personal intimate space revealing a layer of deep emotions connected with these places. From her comfortable lounge to a corner in her favorite café; she explores the settings that embrace her daily life. Along the way, she portrays an inner sanctuary, visually and sentimentally. Samara depicts the inside of her world with fine details incorporating daily objects and furnishing.

She uses her usual signature of charming colors and stunning decorative motifs to illustrate familiar locations pinned on her daily map, conveying her sentiments of contentment, calmness, anxiety, or frustration. Samara continues to leave out one central aspect in her paintings: humans. it seems that humans are not essential, but their evidence is. Erasure could be a way to capture moments that people leave behind. It could be an attempt at emancipation from the restraints imposed by their presence and an opportunity to reveal concealed feelings, whether joyful or gloomy.

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