The Kiss Palestine by Sinae Kim – Posters for Gaza

$ 80.00

Posters for Gaza: The Kiss Palestine (2022) by Sinae Kim
42 x 30 cm
FineArt archival paper, 230 gsm

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Proceeds from the online poster sale will provide much-needed medical aid to affected children in Gaza, through The Palestine Red Crescent Society.


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The Kiss Palestine by Sinae Kim

The Kiss Palestine by Sinae Kim: In the Posters for Gaza project, twenty-six artists come together to raise their voices, through a series of posters produced specifically for this exhibition. The posters shed light on the ethnic cleansing and horrific massacres taking place in the Gaza Strip – possibly the worst in modern history – demanding the recognition of Palestinian rights to live freely on their land with dignity.

Representing a long tradition in Palestinian history, political posters were produced extensively in the seventies and the eighties by the Palestinian Liberation Organization with the contribution of Palestinian, Arab, and international artists. Posters played a crucial role in supporting the justice of the Palestinian cause and promoting it globally guided by the freedom, dignity, resilience, and the ongoing aspiration for independence, sought by Palestinians.