Rabbit by Don

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Rabbit (2024) by Don
30 x 13 x 11 cm
Edition of 20

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Rabbit by Don

‘Rabbit’ is part of Don’s latest collection titled “Enchanted,” a series featuring characters that playfully intermingle between the real and fantastical. Exuberant and bubbly forms engage with the world in an eclectic and unpredictable way. The enchanted characters are presented with a flair and joyful demeanor. Their narratives are unbound and manipulated, yet remain accessible and inviting for viewers to connect with.

Inspiration and the Rabbit

Local nature provided a rich source of imagery, inspiring the artist to infuse these elements with his signature style. Rabbit, a recurring character in Don’s work, often appears alongside others as a kind of lucky charm. This exhibition marks the first time the artist presents Rabbit as a sculpture, making it the centerpiece of the show.

From Illustration to Independent Artist

Don began his career in illustration and graphic design, working with prestigious media institutions. He soon transitioned to his current practice as an independent artist. Don’s artistic approach is diverse, having experimented with various methods and materials, encompassing conceptual, abstract, and contemporary pop styles.