Jerusalem Milestone by Khaled Hourani – Limited Edition Print

$ 200.00

Jerusalem Milestone (2024) by Khaled Hourani
41.5 x 52 cm
FineArt archival paper, 230 gsm
Limited to 300 editions (+5 AP), embossed by the Artist

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Jerusalem Milestone by Khaled Hourani

Jerusalem Milestone is part of Khaled Hourani’s series “The Road to Jerusalem,” created to honor Jerusalem as the Arab Capital of Culture in 2009. Through this artwork, Hourani explores themes of heritage and identity, blending cultural symbols with modern artistic techniques.

It has been produced in many different mediums, including ceramic tiles which had been obtained and sought out for by many collectors around the world. They saw the significance in memorializing Jerusalem as an important and honorary location, aware of it’s historical gravity upon our landscape. The kilometers depicted enhances the narrative of it’s significance; a land that is anticipated from every angle of the world, almost always just within your grasp no matter the starting point.