Bosta Asqalan by Ahed Izhiman – Photography

$ 1,250.00

Bosta Asqalan (2020) by Ahed Izhiman
55 x 78 cm
Photography on fine art paper
Edition of 10

Shipping and Delivery

  • $15 flat fee for local delivery within Ramallah and Dubai (3-5 days)
  • $75 flat fee for international shipping (7-10 days) via DHL
  • Ships unframed

Bosta is an Israeli military vehicle often used to transport Palestinian prisoners to and from Israeli courts, between different prisons or to transport prisoners to hospitals outside the prisons. Named for its resemblance to a mail truck, the Bosta is made up of metal benches and is known as one of the most dangerous forms of transportation due to the lack of safety features. There is no place to sit in the center, it is extremely hot in the heat of the day and freezing at night, and no sunlight or airway can reach the interior apart from small circular loopholes. The prisoner’s hands and feet are permanently cuffed and the prisoner may be left in one position for hours on end.

This photograph represents the rushed glimpses of the outside world and the only view possible for prisoners to see through the small circular loopholes on the upper sides of the Bosta. Izhiman took photographs of the sea from the roads that the Bosta travels, the only scenes of the sea that prisoners could spot as they are unlikely to see it even after they are released.